Monday, December 12, 2011

Unique Uses for Everyday Kitchen Tools

In the kitchen, we have many gadgets and handy tools to help us create our sweet masterpieces.  From the food processor to the ever-so-helpful garlic press, these utensils make cooking and baking a bit more easy.  But have you ever thought about other uses for some of these tools...this can also make things a cinch in and out of the kitchen or decorating fun!  Well, I have some ideas for them.

1.  Ice-cream scoop

Scoop cookie dough or meatballs:  Everyone is familiar with using an ice-cream scoop for cookies, but it is also great for making meatballs.  It will make your meatballs the same uniform size just like your cookies.
Spoon batter/Frost cupcakes:  We see this on Cupcake Wars when they fill the baking pans with batter, they use an ice-cream scooper.  And don't think you can't use it to frost your cupcakes in a snap.  I personally think this is a lot of frosting by it sure looks cute!

Butter ball:  I always use my small scooper, or melon baller to put a ball of butter on the waffles in the morning.  It looks just like Waffle house and makes spreading the butter easier for the kids.

Planting Seeds:  I bet you have never thought about using an ice-cream scoop in the garden.  Buy one for your garden and use it to scoop out equal-sized holes for planting.  Genius!  It can also double as a way to add soil to your pots without the mess.

2.  Cupcake liners:

Light Embellishments: I love using this idea for decorating for a party or even for the holidays. Take set of mini lights and poke each pointy bulb through a cupcake liner. You can also use them to decorate the indoors or outdoors. How useful when you have cupcake liners left over! 

Drip Catcher:  This is great for the summer when popsicles are all the rave for young kids, but they melt all over the place.  Just slide the stick through a foil cupcake liner to catch all those messy drips.

Votive Holders:  Place a tea light in a foil cupcake liner to catch all the drips.  No more waxy mess!

Arts and Crafts:  Not only can you use cupcake liners for creative projects, but you can also use them to hold your supplies.  Just line a muffin pan with cupcake liners and distribute items in each one.  This is what I used for my Turkey Cupcake craft for Thanksgiving.  Easy access and makes crafting a breeze!

Christmas Craft:  Or you can always make these adorable angel ornaments using cupcake liners, clothespins, and gold pipe cleaners.  They are not only fun to make, but really cute!

Spoon holder: I always use leftover cupcake liners to hold my stirring spoon while cooking. And after I'm done...I just throw it away!

Remember...don't throw those leftover cupcake liners away and you'll never look at your ice-cream scooper the same now!

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