Monday, December 26, 2011

Cupcake in a glass...

I focus mainly on the kids when it comes to Christmas with presents and creating memories for them.  But this Christmas was very different for me.  I don't expect to receive anything...what I did receive was priceless to me. Not only did my neighbor give us a heartfelt card thanking us for all that we do for them and their daughter.  I strive to provide all the neighborhood kids with a safe environment for them to come, dwell and have fun while their parents or parents are at work or just out.  That card made me feel that I had done my job.

My absolutely favorite present was the one from another neighbor.  I always find it interesting how you interact with your neighbors and have all kinds of conversations.  What is really interesting is how they listen to you and get you a present that truly symbolizes you.  My gift was not for the entire family.  It was clearly just for me.  A gift for just me to enjoy all by myself.  When I opened it...I screamed like I had won the lottery!!  It was the perfect gift for a Cupcake Lover....and I love it!!!

A dessert wine from Cupcake Vineyards!

Just having the word "Cupcake" on a wine bottle mesmerizes to me.  Cupcake Vineyards is a winery based out of California.  The wines are fruity and light...which I love!  

Read all about Cupcake Vineyards here.

And while you check that site out...I will think about what kind of cupcake I will make to compliment my Cupcake Vineyards wine...any suggestions???

Oh...and did I mention that I have the greatest neighbor ever!!  And he is all mine!!!  Not sharing this one!

Moral:  Be kind to your neighbors... 
and they will give you wine!
(Cupcake Wine!)

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