Monday, December 26, 2011

Crafty Christmas Wrap-up 2011 Part 1

Today...with my Christmas Hangover, I sit in my bed thinking about how now I have to take all the decorations down, put all the ornaments away as well as the Christmas tree.  But, I won't do that until the New Year.  For now, let's get the update on our Crafty Christmas at the Powell house.

Crafty Christmas was a much anticipated event in my house and word got out to the neighborhood kids about our big day of crafting.  So, I had 3 extra little girls at our traditional Crafty Christmas which to me...the more, the merrier!  It all started n Dec. 21st...all the extra girls slept over our house.  The next morning, as the kids woke up and we enjoyed breakfast...we organized our day by discussing what crafts we would do first.  Everyone wanted to paint the crafting began.  It is amazing how you can take one craft/activity and 6 girls can do it all different ways.  The creativity was abundant in our house today.  The ornament activities not only included painting but also we did one where you would etch your design.  The kids loved this one!  the ornaments for us are the best since this is the memory we create for that year.  Upon completing the ornament, we putt our name on the back and the year...Making Memories!  (Check out our past ornaments here)  Then it was on to the foam ornament...which was fun and easy!!


So, my favorite craft was the reindeer peppermint.  I saw this at the grocery store as I was trying to buy some peppermints for the tree.  I thought this was the cutest thing ever.  Love this little guy!

But, sadly, as the reindeer were born...they were devoured!  We made homemade hot chocolate and used the peppermint reindeer to sit it to make it Peppermint hot chocolate.  The kids thought it was cool how the peppermint melted as they stirred their chocolate concoction of sheer goodness!

Oh!  That's good!

Don't worry, we did break for lunch.  And then it was on to the next activity...the cupcake puzzle!  This is a 550 piece puzzle and a first for all the kids.  We started with the border, of course, and it took about an hour or so.  Then, we attempted to put this puzzle together.  Daisha, our neighbor and my daughter's best friend, said "We can finish this and play hide and seek!"  I am thinking to myself...there is no way we are going to finish this puzzle tonight...but she was very hopeful, so I went with it!  The kids were focused on this puzzle for 3 hours!  They were determined to get it done...but all we got done was the border and a few cupcakes.  

Someone is getting sleeping...

Finishing this would be a Xmas miracle!

At the end of the day, we realized that our Crafty Christmas had turned into a 2-day event.  We did not finish all of our crafts, so, I had to call every one's parents and ask to keep their little one for one more night.  Trust me, there was no resistance from any parent at all!  Now, it was official...Crafty Christmas was extended and would be concluded until the next day.  Everyone settled down on the couch with their blankets and I even had some bodies on the floor that were just too pooped to even move.  But as they went to sleep, they closed their eyes and dreamed about what was to come tomorrow of their Crafty Christmas adventure with the Powell Family.
Good night!

Don't worry...more Crafty Christmas news on the next post!
...more crafts, more creations, and more memories!

To Be Continued....

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