Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Crafty Christmas

I always have Crafty Christmas for my children.  It is a day we set aside and do crafts the entire day.  And I do mean the entire day.  We usually do 3-5 crafts depending on the difficulty of the craft and end with the traditional gingerbread house.  Of course in between we enjoy snacks and festive drinks like hot chocolate with marshmallows as well as some lunch.  I have found that my kids are pretty crafty.  You will be surprised that one child will shine in one craft and struggle on the next...discovering what they do best is what they learn.  Some are better at fine details as others are good at color schemes and then you have one child who just makes a mess!  Crafty Christmas is a time for family, fun, and festive memories.  Isn't that what the holiday is all about?
I wanted to take this time to share past Crafty Christmas projects my kids and I have done.  I was looking at the ornaments on the tree as I took pictures for my blog and began to reminisce about our Crafty Christmas days.  The ornaments speak for themselves as some are dated back to 2003.  I always have my children write their names and the year on the ornament so we can remember how old they were when they made it.  It is really cute to see their how they write their names especially when they are 5 and 6 years old.  I even make the ornaments and do the crafts to help release that Crafty Queen inside of me. 

So, now for the past creations from the Powell's Crafty Christmas Days:

This ornament was made from a clothespin, festive pipe straws, and YES!...Cupcake liners!!!  

These two yarn ornaments are from when I was knitting/crocheting and had tons of yarn left over and needed something to do with it.  So, we made angels and snowmen ornaments.  The angel is my favorite. 

And then you have all the painted ornaments that you can get in kits at Michaels Craft Store.  Lots of fun to sit and paint like an real artist!

 Remember to have them put their names on the back and the year!

How cute is it when you see their name and year on the ornament.  These ornaments are 5 and 8 years old!  WOW!

And you have to love the ornaments made from ingredients in your kitchen that to this day after 8 years, still smell like cinnamon!

Still smells like cinnamon!

 I enjoy spending this time with my kids making these crafts/ornaments that one day I hope they may do with their children.  I have great crafts for this year.  Now that they are older, we can really get Crafty!!!

Moral:  Make Memories for the Holidays that will last a Lifetime!

Happy Crafting!

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