Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Santa Wants Cupcakes!

I love the tradition of making cookies for Santa.  We bake chocolate chip cookies or gingerbread men or woman (or boys/girls) to decorate, or even those reliable sugar cookies to frost and create masterpieces for Santa to eat.  My advise to all, make cookies that you will eat so when the kids go to bed and your up half the night wrapping presents or putting them under the tree, you'll have something to snack on.  Smart move, huh?  I think this year in my house the tradition is going to change. 

I think instead of cookies, we will leave cupcakes for Santa.  We will bake mini cupcakes which will help Santa with his weight issue.  This is a perfect portion and easy to grab, pop in his mouth, and Go!  I also think these cupcakes will be a good foundation to our traditional Crafty Christmas. Red Velvet cupcakes are very popular at Christmas.  The bright red color represents the color we most associate with the holidays.  The hint of chocolate you get with the smooth tangy cream cheese frosting is just divine.  I officially think this is my new favorite cupcake flavor.  And I think Santa will love the Red and White themed cupcakes, instead of those cold, hard, ugly cookies that he tends to leave behind anyway, right?


Moral:  Make Cupcakes for Santa, not Cookies!           

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