Thursday, December 8, 2011

Crafty Christmas Ideas

I have been thinking about what I will do for this year's Crafty Christmas at the Powell House.  I have seen some really fun crafts in my holiday crafts research.  I thought I would help you this year if you are planning to make your Christmas time crafty.  Crafts don't have to be time consuming or even need too many supplies.  Some of the ideas utilize stuff you have either in your pantry, your office or your kitchen.  I hope you find a craft to do and make it a tradition in your house. 

DIY Sweater Wreath:
I saw this idea on The Today Show and thought this was a really good idea especially if you have any old sweaters in your closet.  You can also go to Goodwill and try to find wool sweaters to use for this project.  You can also cut the sweater in long strips and tie it around a small foam wreath. 

Button Wreath Ornament:  This ornament is compliments of Martha Stewart.  You can buy a bunch of buttons and the color schemes are endless.  This is a great craft for young kids with some assistance.  I definitely think this one is on my Craft list.

Now for the Crafts that come from your kitchen...

Cookie Puzzle:  Many of us will make cookies this Christmas.  So what better to do with the cookies than to make a cookie puzzle!  This creative idea is a great gift for that puzzle lover in your life.  This craft can also double as a game and a snack!

Gingerbread Reindeer Cookies:  Now this cookie is great for using that gingerbread cookie cutter!  I absolutely like this idea.  Each person can get 2 cookies and enjoy decorating them two different ways.  Genius! 

Another craft goes on the list for me!

And for Peppermint Lovers everywhere...

Peppermint Ornament:

Peppermint OrnamentsI don't know about peppermints in your house, but they don't last at all in my house.  But, this craft idea gives you something to do with those round peppermint candies.  The ideas are never end with this craft, so go crazy with the decorations!

I love all these ideas!  I may need 2 days of Crafty Christmas this year!

More great ideas to come, so look for Crafty Christmas Ideas Part 2!

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