Sunday, December 11, 2011

Santa's Hat

I was heading out to the store one day last week not wanting to fix my hair up all perfect and remembered what my mother would do in this situation.  This is the season where you can throw on a Santa hat and it's okay.  And that is what I did.  Amazing how this hat can brighten any one's day.  This hat alone received cheerful and welcoming smiles from all I encountered.  Friendly conversations with strangers were made while perusing the aisles at Target.  All it took was a red and white hat atop my head to get those responses.  Even driving to the store I felt like a celebrity at a red light with little kids in adjacent cars waving at me.  I would look to my right and see the driver of the car peering over at me and receive a smile.  Wow!  All this feel-good gestures from wearing Santa's hat.  This hat alone creates a merry moment, a festive feeling and a seasonal sensation in everyone.  It brightens up any occasion and definitely a long line at the store! 
     Santa's hat has a special place in my family.  We all put them on to decorate the Christmas tree and the house for the holidays.  We replace our chef hat in the kitchen for our bright red and white Santa hat to bake our sweet treats.  It is a symbol of the holiday and of the season that is Christmas.  My favorite memory of Santa's hat comes by way of my daughter Tyra.  I believe she may have been 4 years old and Christmas always made her excited.  We would tell her how on Christmas Eve, her father and I would wait up patiently for Santa to arrive.  When he did, we would help him with all the presents and write everyone names on each gift for him.  She believed us and would hurry upstairs with her younger sister, Selena to go to bed.  So, my husband and I would wait for them to fall asleep and put all the presents under the tree.  Of course, we would do it with our Santa hats atop our heads.  This particular Christmas Eve, I left my hat next to the fireplace.  The next morning, Tyra woke us up with an abundance of excitement.  "Santa left his head, Santa left his hat, Santa left his hat!" is all she keep yelling.  Then I realized that in her hand she was holding my Santa hat.  She was convinced that Santa left his hat in our house.  She felt like the luckiest little girl in the world.  Every year there after, when we would take out our decorations as well as the Santa hats and Tyra would point to one particular hat and say "That's Santa's hat!". 

Moral:  There is magic and memories in Santa's hat...just put in on your head!

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