Friday, December 16, 2011

The Tiniest Cupcake Ever!

Micro CupcakesI make mini cupcakes and they are great to take to parties.  They are like hors d'oeurves...small finger food you just pop in your mouth.  But today I saw not just a mini cupcake...this is a MICRO cupcake.  I read a blog post by Cupcakes Take The Cake and was amazed by these little creations.  It is smaller than a mini cupcake and how clever to make them using thimbles.  You can check out pictures of more micro cupcakes and even watch how to make them here.

The website reads "These are my Micro Cupcakes AKA Thimble Cupcakes!  I really love making these, even though they take lots of time and consideration for detail and there is *little* room for error.  :]  (I've made them a few times, for a birthday, for family, for a graduation and my husband is taking a "dozen" into work today.  Hahah!"  

Micro Cupcakes

Can you imagine what you could create with these sweet little things!  

Simply Genius!

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