Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Knitting for Dummies

Crocheted Peach Dress
My Aunt Florence crocheted my first daughter, Tyra, a beautiful peach dress when she was born.  Only problem was that at the time she was born, it was May in Alabama and about 100 degrees in the shade!  So, I neatly preserved the dress as a keepsake for Tyra in which I still have to this day.  I was always intrigued by people who could knit or crochet.  I remember that my Grandmother was an avid knitter.  I also remember the dreaded toilet paper cover with the doll coming out the top that was in elderly houses everywhere!  Or what about the one that looked like a poodle.  Just Dreadful!  Bathroom nightmares.  But I will admit...I did play with them when I was in there...HE HE HE!

Okay...there are some toilet paper covers I think would be worth crocheting or knitting that are rather cute like this one courtesy of Cherry on Top:

Not bad...
After having my first child, I began to become more interested in knitting.  I really wanted to learn to knit so i could make baby hats, booties, and even blankets.  So, I bought my first book, Knitting for Dummies, and a few knitting needles.  I read that book forward and backwards in order to learn how to knit.  I practiced and practiced and sure, I messed up, but I kept knitting.  And eventually, I knitted my very first baby hat.  Very rewarding...all that reading and practicing paid off.  From there, I took on more intricate patterns, challenging myself to harder patterns.  And again, there were times I messed up and had to start all over again.  I have become an avid knitter over time, learning how to take out a row if I messed up besides trashing the whole project.  I even taught Tyra how to knit at one point.  Trust me...kids have no patience for knitting.  Don't try this at home!

So, I was browsing my new favorite website Etsy and found some really cute knitted accessories.  It makes me wish I had babies again...okay...not really.  Check out these cute hats and adorable pictures by Melody'sMakings.  You can order these patterns for your knitting pleasure. 

Snow Bunny Pom Hat Pattern - 7 Sizes - PDF SaleSanta Hat Pattern - All sizes - Preemie through Adult Male - PDF SaleMomma's Cupcake Hat Pattern - 5 Sizes - PDF Sale

Hey...My Aunt Florence even put a personalized tag in the back of her dress...How fly is that!

For all you DUMMIES out there who want to learn how to knit...go get that book, Knitting for Dummies, and you could be on your way to knitting or crocheting hats, scarves, and even mittens!

Okay...stick with the scarf!

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