Friday, December 16, 2011

Let's Talk

I wanted to take this moment and express my sincere appreciation for all who read my blog.  I have enjoyed writing Frosted Memories, creating a somewhat timeline of my life as well as sharing great tips, ideas, and information.  Now, I want to encourage my readers to participate and comment on my blog.  I want to hear want you would like to read about, what interests you, and some of your thoughts/ideas. I want to hear what you think about my blog.  Don't hesitate to post a comment on my blog.  I want this to be a blog of conversation, a community of ideas, and an avenue for creative minds.

I have exciting plans for the New Year!  I will be launching a a contest each month which you, as my readers, will have the opportunity to win great prizes.  I will also be hosting some guests on my blog and highlighting their businesses.

Moral:  Let's Talk! (participation required)  
Remember to sign up and become a follower...and tell a friend!

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