Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Hunt for Something Frosted

My daughters and I went out on Saturday for dinner and to do what girls do best...SHOP!  We decided to go to Michaels' to start shopping for Our Crafty Christmas.  So, we went down each aisle looking at all things creative.  From the cake/cupcake decorating aisle to the wooden project aisle, we really enjoyed ourselves.  But I soon realized that we were not there to just look...we were on a hurt for CUPCAKES!  Each sections of the store became a mini game to find a cupcake or something with a cupcake on it.  It was like playing "Where's Waldo", but we were playing "Where's the Cupcake'? 

Here's what we found:

This is a wooden Cupcake Set we found in the wooden project section.  You assemble your cupcakes in the muffin pan that is included.  Once your cupcakes are "baked" (Ha Ha Ha!), you use the icing provided to decorate/design your cupcakes.  And of course, put the candle on top.  When finished, you just wipe off the tops and start again! 

This cupcake was found in the painting aisle which is on Our Crafty Christmas list.  And it doubles as a magnet for the refrigerator!  I just love it!

Love how it says 4+
The puzzle aisle is always a joy to see.  I think it is interesting to see all the differrent pictures for the puzzles as well as how many pieces are in the box.  There are 100 piece puzzles, 500 piece puzzles and even 1000 piece puzzles.  Don't think I could sit and do even a 1000 piece puzzle.  But I can do these puzzles.  We got the puzzle on the left to do for Crafty Christmas.

And we even went down the stamping and scrapebooking aisles and spotted these cupcakes...

I think my favorite "Cupcake Siting" in the book section.  I love to add new cupcake books to my library.  And I am definitely putting these on My Wish List!

At the end of our cupcake adventure, we felt like we had conquered Michaels' by finding cupcakes amoung the sea of crafty items.  And to think, we spent 2 hours in that place and came out with a cupcake puzzle, cupcake plaster magnet, and a felted Christmas tree craft in preparation for our Crafty Christmas. 

Operation Crafty Christmas: 75% Accomplished

All these items can be found at your local Michaels' store

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