Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Crafty Christmas Wrap-up Part 2

As the sun set on the first day of Crafty Christmas, the kids were bright-eyed and bushy tailed for the next morning.  They were eager to get started, but I had to remind them that we have to eat breakfast.  I made some homemade cinnamon-sugar doughnuts and bacon to fill their stomachs in preparation for the crafting ahead.  And they ate all 30 of those doughnuts...I think I had one.  Oh well...on with the crafting.

We began with the traditional decorating of the Gingerbread man cookies.  These are the crafts that really bring out the real artistic side of everyone.  What was funny is that as we were making them, the kids realized how good the icing was,,,and they started to eat it.  then, before I could get a picture of their finished products...they were already eating them.  Most of them ate the legs first...I like to eat the head first...either way, they tasted so good with the icing.  I did manage to take a picture of the ones I created.  I also flipped the gingerbread cookie upside down to decorate it like a reindeer.  How cute is that!  I always think outside the box when crafting.

They ate them before i could take a picture!

Eating the icing

We did make peppermint bark using melted chocolate and peppermint white chocolate.  We took Snowflake cookie cutters and used them as molds.  We started with the chocolate, then layered the peppermint white chocolate on top.  After being in the freezer, we put them in a gift bag to give away.  Nice part about this craft is you give the cookie cutter with the candy.  Two gifts in one!  You know...I didn't get a picture of this craft.

Last but not least....we settled down to a quiet craft of making a Christmas card.  It included a foam reindeer to assemble and add your own greeting/decorations.  I observed how the theme for the day was making crafts for Daddy...which I think is so cute since I was a Daddy's girl.  Girls love their daddy!

Terri painted her card

When Crafty Christmas came to an end, we were left with an abundance of Holiday ornaments and keepsakes.  In doing Crafty Christmas, I hope to instill a sense of togetherness and family time into my children as well as others around us.  I also hope to release that inner artist that lives inside of all of us.  

Moral:  Holiday time is about family and making memories that will lasts.  I think I accomplished that this year!

See you next year for another Crafty Christmas...

Good times...Great memories...priceless!

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