Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Hangover

The Powell family had a great Christmas if I must say so myself.  But I will also say that I definitely have a Christmas Hangover.  Yes...I have coined another phrase...Christmas Hangover.

Okay, let me define this word:

Christmas Hangover  (kris -muh's hang-oh-ver):  the feeling of ultimate fatigue manifested by the effects of Christmas.  This syndrome is caused by extreme happiness, laughter, good food, good times with family and friends, and the sound of happy children.  It is not caused by excessive consumption of alcohol.

In anticipation of the holiday, our minds meticulously plan out the entire festive celebration.  We orchestrate the Christmas dinner, wrapping the presents, entertaining our family and friends and even down to unwrapping all the presents.  It is like our minds do not sleep for the month of December.  We are zombies in our own bodies not knowing when the madness will end...and then...Christmas comes and presents are unwrapped, family arrives, dinner is eaten and the day is over.  With wrapping paper in the trash, kids playing with their new toys, and a sink full of dishes and a kitchen full of leftovers....we sit on the couch... glad it is all over...with a Christmas Hangover!

Moral:  See you next year...when the holidays make us drunk with Joy all over again!

Even my cat Kyle got a little "Drunk"!

How was your Christmas?

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