Thursday, November 10, 2011

National Vanilla Cupcake Day!

So pretty!
     Happy National Vanilla Cupcake Day!

     Now you may ask yourself , "Why haven't I ever heard of this day, National Vanilla Cupcake Day on November 10th"?.  Well, maybe because technically it is not an officially recognized holiday, but here in the United States, we recognize it.  There are lots of food holidays we unofficially recognize which I never knew existed.  For example, National Cotton Candy Day is December 7th which is my favorite indulgence.  You think of the food and there is probably a day it will recognize it.  Check out the list here.
     Back to National Vanilla Cupcake Day...the key to a great vanilla cupcake is the vanilla you use in the recipe.  Imitation vanilla you by in the store is okay but when you use Madascasgar Vanilla extract or a good quality vanilla beans, your vanilla cupcake recipe will be elevated to a new level of flavor.  Don't get me wrong, this flavorful addition can be expensive, so use these for special occassions.  I like to use Wilton's clear vanilla extract in all my recipes especially my frosting.  I want my frosting to be as white as it can get, so adding the brown-colored imitation vanilla extract really dulls the white color.
     Here's an interesting to the smell of cinnamon, vanilla is one of the top scents that men are attracted to the most!

Vanilla Oh-La-La Cupcake courtesy of Cupcakes With Class

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