Sunday, November 6, 2011

My Cupcake Sunday

Can one cupcake sweeten a whole relationship?
     I went to the library last week and forgot that I had requested the book The Cupcake Queen by Heather Hepler.  So, I picked up the book and absolutely love the front cover with the tower of pink cupcakes just tumbling over.  I sat in my bed Sunday morning and began to read this quirky teen-read.  The book is centered around a young teenager who is uprooted from her home in the city due to her parents separation, and puts in a quaint little town of Hog Hollow with her mother.  Her mother decides to open up a bakery dedicated entirely to cupcakes...yes cupcakes.  The bakery is called "The Cupcake Queen".  The story follows the typical drama of a teenager including friendship, boys and life lessons.  What I liked about the book is the main character, Penny, hates working in her mother's bakery, but she is really good at decorating cupcakes. 

     Here's an excerpt from the book I found amusing as Penny talks about the secretary of her new school:  "Her name is something no one names their kids anymore, like Ester or Geraldine or Margery." name is Geraldine.  It made me laugh.  The book was an easy read and rather entertaining.  I definitely recommend it for all ages, plus, it does include cupcakes!

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