Tuesday, November 29, 2011

My Cupcake Ornament for Christmas

Decorating the Christmas tree is always a tradition of my family the weekend after Thanksgiving. It definitely puts us in the mood for the holidays. We look at all of our ornaments for the tree, and the handmade ornaments the kids made when they were younger...and we reminisce about each one of them. I always try to buy one new ornament each year that reminds us of each other. So, last night, after dinner, we stopped by the Hallmark store to look at all the ornaments. The kids had fun looking and listening to the funny music radiating from some of those ornaments. I wandered over to a tree decorated with an array of ornament, big and small, some musical and some glittery. As I pulled back one of the tree branches to look at each ornament, I was face to face with the perfect ornament! I mean, I think this ornament was made for me and only me! It was absolutely perfect. Everything about this ornament said ME and I even think it may even resemble me a bit.  It really captured my life over the last year...the peace, the tranquility, the zen, the positive aura and of course the cupcake! I think this ornament is officially my favorite...

Moral of this blog post:  Girls DO just want to unwind...and what is more perfect than yoga and a cupcake! 

Go out and find an ornament that symbolizes you and reflects on your life this year.  You will be surprised what you may find.  I know I was very surprised! 

Happy Hunting!

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