Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Cupcake Ornament Quest

So, after containing my excitement about my newest cupcake ornament that incorporates yoga and cupcakes, I decided to go on a cupcake ornament hunt.  I wanted to see what Christmas ornaments or decorations were available for all of us Cupcake Lovers. 

Here's what I found:

Hallmark has a series of cupcake ornaments calles Simply Irrestible!.  This cupcake is the 2nd in the series.  You can get it at any Hallmark store for under $10.00 or at Amazon.   You can get the 1st cupcake ornament from last year.  I also saw on Amazon where you can get the 1st and 2nd cupcakes in the series, plus a cute Merry Mixer ornament all together for about $40.00.  The cupcake ornaments are made out of felt.  I happen to like the 1st cupcake in the series.  I like the poinsetta on top and the fluffy white frosting.  This is a great gift for any cupcake euthusist!
Marry Mixer 2010

Let's not forget about our bakers in our lives.  They need ornamants too!  Hallmark also has a series called Season's Treatings!  It features baked goodies, from a gingerbread house to decorated sugar cookiest to cupcakes in a pan.  The 3rd in the series sells for under $10.00 in most Hallmark stores.  The 2nd in the series sells for $24.00 on Amazon and the 1st in the series is a pricey $99.00 on Amazon.  I guess the 1st one from 2009 is now a collectible.  But they are all very cute and would make any baker happy. 

Or to get something more personalized for any little cupcake in your life, I found this cute cupcake ornament offered by PersonalizationMall for under $12.00.  The nice thing about this ornament is that you can personalize it not only with the name but also the message.  And you get to preview your ornament before you order it.  Now that is cute!

In my quest for ornaments, I found there are lots of cupcake ornaments everywhere.  I couldn't pull myself off my computer from looking at all the cute ornaments.  Before I knew it, I had been on my laptop for 3 hours!  I realize these make great gifts for any cuupcake lover and even your every-day baker.  But, I say forget giving these ornaments away...

MoralBuy these items and keep them for yourself!

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