Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Where to find Cupcakes?

When I decided to start a blog, I didn't just want to talk about cupcakes...okay, yes I did just want to talk about cupcakes..HA HA HA!  But I also wanted to keep my readers informed about all things cupcakes and all things baked.  My search for cute cupcake decorations was rather interesting.  I found everything from how to paint a cupcake on your nail to cupcake eyelashes! 

Yes, cupcake false eyelashes

In keeping the theme for Christmas, I came across these cute ornaments from Gatorgrrl Boutique at their Etsy store. I like that not only does she make these ornaments, but she also makes dog harnesses.  These ornaments are handmade from unused glass ornaments.  How creative!  And the colors are endless!

This is my favorite one...

Pink and Pretty!

Let's switch gears and check out these cute cupcake soaps...yes, I said soap.  I can only imagine how cute these would look in your bathroom.  I think they look good enough to eat!  They are by Lauren Miller of Sunbasilgarden at Etsy and sell for $6.00 each.  The scents include Blueberry, Pink Sugar, Orange Dreamsicle, and Fresh Pear.  They also sell it as a gift set for $22.00.  They look Yummy!

Check out these stores at may find something for that cupcake lover!
Now back to my cupcake hunting!

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