Thursday, December 1, 2011

How A Cupcake Made Me Laugh

A Little Cupcake Story
by me
My day started off a little was dark and wet outside.  The rain was coming down hard creating a slight ping sound on the ground and the cars on the street.  I told myself it sound like little balls of ice and if it was cold would be snowing.  I pulled myself out of bed and got the kids off to school.  I sat down on the couch with my hot cup of Vanilla creme flavored coffee.  Finally, I found something to not only warm me up but may just cheer me up.  I think that feeling lasted for about 10 minutes.  But, it was good while it lasted.  TV was the same...The Today Show, those Are you the Father shows, and my DVR'd shows.  That's right, my DVR'd shows from the night before.  I could sit here and watch my shows in peace with no interruptions.  This could be the happy factor I was looking for today.  I picked up my remote, and pressed the DVR button....NOTHING!  Not one show, nothing to watch.  This day just got worse.

 I finished my coffee, hopped on my laptop to check my email and of course, see what is happening on Facebook.  That world of Social Networking is amazing.  So much to read about what everyone is doing today.  From "I am off to work" to "Help, I need more coffee!" to those cute pictures of your friends baby posted every 5 minutes documenting the child's every footstep and breathe.  Someone please help me. 

So, I got tired quick of reading people's play-by-play of their daily life and I proceeded to my blog.  I read many blogs about many different things...mostly cupcakes, I must admit.  Not really sure how I came across this, but it sure made my day.  What could be better than a giggle at the expense of a cupcake, a cupcake making me giggle, and a cupcake being hilarious?  Just writing about it creates this butterfly-like feeling in my stomach.  It is like the laugh that makes you cry.  I loved it so much...I bought it. 

Did it make you laugh?

This cute little Scrabble tile is from Frillychili at Etsy.  Each tile is handmade from old Scrabble neat is that.  And all pendants come with a 18" ball chain.  Check out her store and other tiles she creates at her online store.  I think these are the perfect gift for anyone.  I even ordered 3 more. 

See...cupcakes can make you giggle!
(I am giggling right now waiting for necklace to get her...Ha Ha HA!)

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