Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday Blog Deals

by Cupcakes With Class
Black Friday is full of chaos and frenzies for the great savings and doorbusters.  Before midnight. people camp out and wait in line at their favorite store to get that one great deal.  For me, the Black Friday Deal is all the blogs highlighting Thanksgiving cupcakes. It is fun to look at all the ideas and creations for these Thanksgiving-inspired little cakes.  Some are good, some are great ans some are...not so good.  I wanted to share some other blogs that I follow and read on a daily basis.  I find my daughters and I in the bed on a Sunday morning, looking at cupcake ideas and creations and even laughing at other blog posts. 

Blogging is fun.  It is an online diary that you share with the world.  It is a timeline of your memories and experiences about doing what you love.  I love baking and definitely love making cupcakes.  I have learned so much in cupcake making and decorating just from reading other blogs about cupcakes.  You can find blogs about think it and someone is blogging about it.  Some people read blogs daily, like myself, while others read blogs weekly.  Whatever fits your schedule, just do it!  It is a way to get away, read, and learn something new.  I hope my blog will be part of your daily or weekly reading, but also want you to check out my 2 favorite blogs:
  1. Cupcakes Take the Cake- a popular blog for the ultimate cupcake fan!
  2. Cake Wrecks- a hilarious blog about cakes gone wrong, and I mean very wrong!
Enjoy the weekend and when it is all said and done...Read a Blog! (preferably mine!)

And's on to Christmas Cupcakes!!!

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