Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Breakfast

I have talked about crafty ideas, making ornaments as well as sock cupcakes.  I have even talked about kitchen gadgets and their "other uses".  With all this Christmas shopping and planning, I think we forgot to eat???  Let's talk about Christmas morning and breakfast.  Breakfast is my family's favorite meal.  We don't go a day without breakfast in this house.  I wake up early, do my Yoga routine, then hit the kitchen to make breakfast.  But on Christmas, I am not staying in the kitchen all day long.  I want to enjoy the fun/excitement of Christmas morning and the kids opening up their presents too.  Here are some suggestions for quick breakfast on Christmas morning:

1.  Baked French Toast Casserole:  (courtesy of Paula Deen)

   This recipe is something you can make the night before and put in the oven Christmas morning while everyone is unwrapping their presents.  This time-saver will allow for you to enjoy the morning with your family.  I add some vanilla to this recipe to give it some added flavor.  You can even add cardamon which take this casserole to a whole new level.

2.  Doughnuts:

This recipe is courtesy of me.  My kids absolutely love these little treats.  I buy the small buttermilk biscuits that have 10 biscuits in it.  I cut the middle out of it each one before submerging them in hot peanut oil.  You have to watch them closely since they cook fast...only takes about 15-20 seconds or less for each side...so don't walk away.  You can use a fork to flip them and when finished, place on a wire rack to drain/cool.  My family likes cinnamon sugar doughnuts, so after the doughnuts have cooled some, I shake them in a bag of cinnamon/sugar/cardamon.  I also make different dipping sauces to accompany the doughnut. If you want to get fancy, you can dip the tops in chocolate or vanilla icing and top with sprinkles or even peanuts.  The ideas are endless!

3.  Casseroles:

Breakfast casseroles such as the baked french toast casserole is probably the easiest thing to prepare for your holiday brunch.  If you want something with some more protein in it, try this Country Breakfast Casserole courtesy of Food.com.  You can make the sausage the night before and prepare this dish quickly so you don't miss out on all the holiday fun.
  Country Breakfast Casserole. Photo by Pam-I-Am

You can serve these yummy breakfast ideas with some fruit and don't forget to set your coffee maker so your coffee will hot and ready to enjoy!  

Moral:  Who says the kids have to have all the fun on Christmas morning!

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